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Stratified Scavenge Diaphragm Carb
Float Carb
Rotary Valve Diaphragm Carb
Butterfly Valve Diaphragm carb

You searched for "carburettor", this is where to find it:

Walbro Carburettors

Stratified scavenge diaphragm carburettors

-specifically designed for stratified scavenge 2 stroke engines.

-rotary valve design suitable for 20cc to 50cc engines

Float carburettors

-meet the lawn & garden ground support product requirements of solid, reliable performance plus CARB / EPA compliance in a cost-effective package

-Single and two-barrel designs available to fit 4 stroke engines from 100cc to 800cc in displacement

Rotary valve carburettors

-deliver exceptional part-throttle performance control ideal for blower and trimmer applications.

-sizes available to suit 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines from 15cc to 50cc in displacement

Butterfly valve diaphragm carburettors

-perfect for hand-held equipment, operate in any position.

-sizes available to suit 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines from 14cc to 150cc in displacement

Options for all types include:

Easy Start system

CARB-approved tamper-resistant designs

Ethanol-resistant components


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